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Boko Haram and its Economic Consequences. Boko Haram could have a disastrous impact on Nigeria's economy. In May, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan suspended the constitution and declared a state of emergency in three states at the northeastern tip of Nigeria. On August 10-11, an attack on a mosque in the state of Maiduguri left 56 people dead —. The struggle between the government and Boko Haram has dire humanitarian consequences. Many people have been internally displaced in northern Nigeria and many refugees have fled to neighbouring countries Boko Haram is considered a threat to not only Nigeria but also the entire world. In 2012, then-Commander of the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), General Carter Ham, voiced concerns about the intent.

An old, revealing article by the asylum seeking Salkida. GENESIS AND CONSEQUENCES OF BOKO HARAM CRISIS BY AHMAD SALKIDA As the only journalist who dispatched the first ever report on late Muhammad Yusuf's activities in Maiduguri, on the 23rd of July 2006, at a time when the sect was relatively unknown to many Nigerians, I should be able to give an insight into the Boko Haram saga Economic consequences. The struggle against Boko Haram puts great strain on Cameroon's development objectives. [fn] According to the INS, a growth rate clearly above 7 per cent would be needed to reduce poverty. It was 6 per cent in 2015. La croissance du Cameroun à 6% en 2015, estime le FMI, Jeune Afrique, 25 September 2015 Dagen därpå satte Boko Haram-aktivister eld på flera kyrkor, en polisstation, ett tullkontor och ett fängelse i Borno. Armén svarade med en storoffensiv i Maiduguri. Omkring 700 personer dödades under fem dagars strider i staden. 100 av dem hittades i och utanför en moské som stormats av säkerhetsstyrkorna the psychological consequences of the Boko Haram insurgency based on the lived experience of children who have been victims of the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria. Hence, this study explored the psychological impacts of Boko Haram terrorism on Nigerian children. Second, there was a need to understand the psychological impacts of the Boko Fakta: Så drabbas barnen av Boko Harams våld Tusentals barn har kidnappats av Boko Haram och tvingats till barnäktenskap eller används som sexslavar eller barnsoldater. Barn är en särskild måltavla eftersom terrorgruppen specifikt har attackerat och bränt ner skolor

Boko Haram, officially known as Jamā'at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da'wah wa'l-Jihād (Arabic: جماعة أهل السنة للدعوة والجهاد ‎, Group of the People of Sunnah for Preaching and Jihad), and Wilāyat Garb Ifrīqīyā (Arabic: ولاية غرب أفريقيا ‎), meaning West African Province, is a jihadist terrorist organization based in northeastern Nigeria, also. Boko Haram's initial uprising failed, and its leader Mohammed Yusuf was killed by the Nigerian government. The movement consequently fractured into autonomous groups and started an insurgency, though rebel commander Abubakar Shekau managed to achieve a kind of primacy among the insurgents

Effect/Impacts of Boko Haram in Nigeria The incessant bombings, kidnappings, killings, and the destruction of property by Boko Haram have far reaching effects on the economy and the people of Nigeria. In this article, we take a look at the effects of Boko Haram in Nigeria Regional armies in the Lake Chad basin deploy vigilantes to sharpen campaigns against Boko Haram insurgents. But using these militias creates risks as combatants turn to communal violence and organised crime. Over the long term they must be disbanded or regulated Boko Haram has the opportunity to elicit international recognition in its quest for jihad while the Islamic State attempts to gain ground, both territorially and logistically. If the other terrorist organizations in support of Sunni jihadism follow the lead that Boko Haram has set, the caliphate has the potential to grow exponentially, further eliminating borders and executing or converting non-Muslims This cause can be traced to the onset of Boko Haram when their aim was to fight against western education which it considers as Haram or in English terms an abomination. Not to mention that word has it that those individuals who fight for the cause by killing themselves and other human beings are promised of paradise as well as 99 virgins

Boko Haram and its Economic Consequences - Fair Observe

  1. ating security and terrorism discussions among the specialists in African studies
  2. First published by ISS Today The Boko Haram insurgency has had devastating consequences for Lake Chad boat transporters, a socio-economic group that has been the locomotive of local trade for..
  3. Boko Haram, Islamic sectarian movement founded in 2002 in northeastern Nigeria. Since 2009 the group has carried out large-scale acts of violence. In 2015 the group began calling itself Islamic State in West Africa; later, after a split, one faction kept that name while the other reverted back to the original name
  4. Boko Haram is winning so far in Nigeria Nigeria has ever faced series of security threatening challenges, but Boko haram is the most powerful sect so far. The sect claims responsibility for several bombings and snip activities in the northern and central Nigeria, thereby placing the nation at the threshold of disintegration this paper describes briefly how the Terrorists use murder, kidnapping.
  5. Boko Haram And ISIS: An Overview. Boko haram in Nigeria has not only become synonymous with terrorism but has also become a nightmare in the history of the national security. When one talks about boko haram, one refers to an era of kidnappings, killings, bombings and displacement, which have left many in the dungeon of misery

Boko Haram: How a Militant Islamist Group Emerged in

Boko Haram is considered a threat to not only Nigeria but also the entire world. In 2012, then-Commander of the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), General Carter Ham, voiced concerns about the intent. Boko Haram's appeal is reinforced by the consequences of environmental degradation and a failure to maintain law and order in its Kanuri heartland, the borderlands of Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon Boko Haram has long been one of the most infamous terrorist groups in the world. Founded in 2002, the group exploded on the scene in 2009 during a failed uprising in northern Nigeria. Since then, they've continued a run of terror, most infamously in 2014 when they kidnapped more than 200 female students from a school in Chibok, Nigeria, leading to the worldwide #BringBackOurGirls campaign Behind the rise of Boko Haram - ecological disaster, oil crisis, spy games Islamist militancy in Nigeria is being strengthened by western and regional fossil fuel interests Nafeez Ahme

Boko Haram är en islamistisk terrororganisation som håller till i norra Nigeria, men som också verkar i grannländerna Niger, Tchad och Kamerun. Namnet Boko Haram betyder västlig utbildning är en synd, och organisationen är bland de terrorgrupper i världen som dödar flest människor Inkludering nyckeln för att mota Boko Haram. Analys. Nigerias president Muhammadu Buhari har utropat seger över Boko Haram efter två år av militära framgångar. Men de säkerhetsmässiga framstegen riskerar att bli kortvariga om man inte bemöter det regionala missnöje som var grogrund för extremiströrelsens framväxt Furthermore, both Boko Haram and Ansaru have taken advantage of anti-American and anti-Western sentiment, and have adopted al-Qaeda's ideology in their public relations strategy. Abubakar Shekau.

Boko Haram is still believed to be holding about 200 schoolgirls abducted April 14 from a boarding school in the town of Chibok. July 17-20, 2014 - Boko Haram raids the Nigerian town of Damboa A former militant fighter is sitting in a soft, lilac coloured Hawaiian shirt. The 21-year-old is in the custody of the Nigerian army after running away from Boko Haram in January. For four years.

Boko Haram is an armed group blamed for killing thousands of people in northeastern Nigeria. Many of the attacks have targeted places of worship, often churches, but Muslims have also been killed The Boko Haram insurgency, which has lasted for more than a decade, has killed at least 36,000 people and displaced two million in north-eastern Nigeria

Genesis And Consequences Of Boko Haram Crisis By Ahmad

Some complain the wide array of criminal activity pinned on Boko Haram gives authorities liberties to make arrests or use deadly force with little oversight or consequences. In Nigeria, the mass. Boko Haram never used to do much with the women and girls except delight in their misery, but as the number of widowed women and fatherless children grew in northern Nigeria, the group found a new purpose for the lot—abducting them to be used for sex slavery and suicide bombings

Boko Haram, poverty and harvest shortfalls force many Nigerians in the Lake Chad area to leave their homes. Climate change is worsening the crisis Boko Haram should immediately cease all attacks, and threats of attacks, that cause loss of life, injury, and destruction of property, Human Rights Watch said. The Nigerian government should take. To improve the security response to the Boko Haram threat To the government of Cameroon: 9. Cut off Boko Haram funding sources while closely monitoring the livestock mar-ket in the Far North and economic activity in the Lake Chad region. 10. Block Boko Haram recruitment: a) by improving cooperation between the Cameroonian armed forces and th Ever-present Boko Haram threat casts shadow in Niger. By Patrick FORT. LISTEN DEC 26, 2020. Among the poorest countries in the world, Niger, which is holding presidential elections on Sunday, faces jihadist groups from the Sahel in the west and Boko Haram in the east. By Issouf SANOGO (AFP

Cameroon: Confronting Boko Haram Crisis Grou

Maiduguri, Nigeria - Boko Haram killed the two most important people in Komi Kaje's life within two days.. In November 2015, Komi Akaji, her 46-year-old brother, was shot dead by Boko Haram. Boko Haram är en nigeriansk islamistgrupp kallad osynliga sekten - de kan finnas överallt. De har raderat ut hela byar och kidnappat flickor. Målet - att införa en islamisk stat. Senaste. Boko Haram. Här samlar vi alla artiklar om Boko Haram. Fler artiklar hittar du i följande artikelserier: Boko Harams terrorkrig och Kriget mot IS. Andra ämnen som ofta förekommer i artiklar om Boko Haram är: Nigeria, Tchad, Terrorism och Niger Boko Haram, a Nigerian Islamist insurgency, is emerging as a threat not only to Nigeria, The mistreatment of innocent civilians is counterproductive and results in unintended consequences Boko Haram caused 3,329 deaths in 2017, far fewer than the more than 11,500 attributed to the group during the peak of its activities in 2015, but only slightly less than the 3,484 deaths connected to the group in 2016. Moreover, the number of violent incidents instigated by the group in 2017 rose to 500 from 417 in 2016

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Why Boko Haram Is Recruiting Child Soldiers - Military Source The recruitment of child soldiers by the sect was part of its new strategies following the recent mass surrender by their fighters. Boko Haram. Det senaste om Boko Haram. Läs nyheter, artiklar och se tv-klipp om Boko Haram på Aftonbladet.se. 8 JUL 2020 NYHETER

Psychological Consequences of the Boko Haram Insurgency

Boko Haram attacked several towns in Northeastern Nigeria on Dec. 24, 2020, killing at least five people. Image via Google Maps. GARKIDA, Nigeria — Boko Haram terrorists attacked Christian communities in Northern Nigeria on Christmas Eve, killing at least five people, burning houses and setting trucks ablaze, according to eye witnesses From Benghazi to Boko Haram. by Ajamu Baraka. Seemingly out of nowhere, Boko Haram burst into the awareness of people around the world as a shadowy group of Islamists with the ability to carry out.

After Trump Travel Ban, Chad Pulls Troops From Boko Haram Fight in Niger. By Conor Gaffey On 10/13/17 at 8:07 AM EDT. A Chadian soldier sits on top of an armoured vehicle near Malam Fatori after. Gunmen suspected to be members of Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists group on Friday evening attacked Gaidam town in Yobe State. Geidam town, the ancestral home of the Acting Inspector General of Police. Boko Haram, the so-called Nigerian Taliban, The enemy tried to engage the strike force on several occasions but suffered the consequences of their actions, Barlow told SOFREP The Boko Haram insurgency, which began in 2009, has mostly affected people living in Nigeria's north-eastern states. One of them Borno state has been at the epicentre of the insurgency

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Toute l'actualité sur le sujet Boko Haram. Consultez l'ensemble des articles, reportages, directs, photos et vidéos de la rubrique Boko Haram publiés le samedi 17 avril 2021 The data makes clear that Boko Haram-related violence is the most lethal conflict that Nigeria has confronted in decades.Since 1998, at least 29,600 Nigerians have been killed in more than 2,300. Unlike ISIS, Boko Haram currently control territory in only one country. But this could change at any moment. Already, the group runs frequent cross-border raids into Cameroon, slaughtering civilians and bombing buses.In January 2015, they stepped up the attacks, brazenly assaulting a local army base in a (failed) attempt to get a foothold in the country The majority of suicide bombers that terrorist group Boko Haram uses to kill innocent civilians are women and children, a study has revealed. Analyzing 434 suicide bombings carried by the Nigeria. Boko Haram and its Continued Development The kidnappings offer important insights into both Boko Haram and Nigeria's counterterrorism strategy. Since its renaissance as a fighting force in late 2010, Boko Haram has been in a state of perpetual evolution

Boko Haram insurgency - Wikipedi

  1. Au Nigeria, ils pourraient aider Boko Haram à établir une stratégie: «Pour le moment, Boko Haram massacre à grande échelle sans vraie vision stratégique, poursuit Mathieu Guidère. Après.
  2. Les attentats perpétrés par Boko Haram à N'Djamena . en juin et juillet 2015 et leurs conséquences . Avertissement Ce document a étéélaboré par la Division de l'Information, de la Documentation et des Recherche
  3. Boko Haram et le prochain défilé du 20 mai à Maroua. Cette visite serait l'occa-sion de lancer un programme de renforcement de la cohésion sociale et des liens intercommunautaires, en part iculier pour lutter contre la stigmatisation de cer-taines communautés perçues comme proches de Boko Haram

Unmasking Boko Haram: Exploring Global Jihad in Nigeria. Jacob Zenn. ISBN: 978-1-62637-878-. $95.00 $47.50. ISBN: 978-1-62637-893-3. $95.00 $47.50. 2020/415 pages/LC: 2019055149. Special price for a limited time only Boko Haram is winning.. That's the assessment of both U.S. counterterrorism officials and many experts who cover West Africa. After several months of optimism, and military successes by Chadian.

Boko Haram was formed by Muslim cleric Mohammed Yusuf in 2002, in Maiduguri. Initially peaceful, in June 2009 the radical sect waged a short-lived armed uprising in a bid to establish an Islamic state in the north. This was brutally crushed by the military in July 2009, leaving over 800 dead, mostly sect members 23rd December 2020. in Cover, National. 1. From Aidoghie Paulinus, Abuja. The United States has said that countering Boko Haram and ISIS-West Africa (ISWA) remain its top priorities. Its. Boko Haram översätts ofta som västerländsk utbildning är synd. När Boko Harams ledare arresterades och dog i fångenskap 2009, började ett våldsamt uppror. Gruppen fick stor internationell uppmärksamhet när de förde bort över 250 unga flickor från en skola i Chibok, i delstaten Borno, i april 2014 During raids, usually at night, Boko Haram fighters raped women and girls who were caught at home or trying to flee. One woman was physically assaulted by Boko Haram fighters as she fled from an attack in late 2020. She crawled to a home and hid there with her children, and saw fighters return and enter a nearby home Kidnapped to kill: How Boko Haram is turning girls into weapons. By Brent Swails and David McKenzie, CNN. Updated 0826 GMT (1626 HKT) April 13, 201

Boko Haram, som på svenska betyder; västerländsk utbildning är syndigt, har riktat in sina våldsamma attacker specifikt på skolor. En av Boko Harams mål är att se till att flickor inte får någon utbildning förutom i koranskolor, och gruppen har kidnappat flickor, dödat eller skadat lärare och bränt ner skolor Boko Haram used a hawala system to move money and generated local funding through bank robberies, taxation, extortion, smuggling, trafficking, ransom payments, and even looting villages for money, food, and livestock. The group reportedly received funding from AQIM and acquired weapons from former Libyan stockpiles through these ties

Main Agenda and Registration - Washington Humanitarian Forum The ongoing violence in northeastern Nigeria continues to generate substantial humanitarian consequences and shows no signs of abatement. The Government of Nigeria has been inconsistent in its campaign, alternating between disengagement and the disproportionate use of force to counter Boko Haram and ISIS-West Africa Boko Haram har i visa fall, men inte i alla, tagit på sig ansvaret för den här typen av attacker som riktas mot civilbefolkningen. Dada, 15 år, är en av alla flickor som kidnappats och utnyttjats av Boko Haram i Nigeria The Islamist group Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for abducting over 200 girls from their school in Chibok, Borno state. Nigerian police offered a reward of 50 million naira (about 310,000. Boko Haram's tactics are so brutal and senseless that even al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist organizations think the group goes too far.But large operations to kidnap more than 200 schoolgirls. This came as Boko Haram insurgents, for the second time in one week, also on Tuesday attacked Damasak in Mobbar Local Government Area of Borno State, killing many persons whose number is yet to be.

Boko Haram targets Islam cleric's son for converting to

Boko Haram. Den mest uppmärksammade - och klart mest dödliga - av Nigerias konflikter är den mellan staten och Boko Haram, en grupp som sedan mars 2015 är en del av Islamiska staten (IS). Konflikten mellan Nigerias regering och Boko Haram har pågått sedan 2009, med mer intensiva attacker och strider från 2011 och framåt Boko Haram has destroyed properties worth more than 1.9 trillion naira ($5.2 billion) during its eight-year insurgency, a Borno State government official announced on Tuesday, Nigeria's Premium. This briefing examines how Boko Haram has been responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. Like other Salafi-jihadi groups across the world, Boko Haram has used the pandemic to spread misinformation and has indicated a willingness to take advantage of the pandemic to further its operations and ideological goals Jakten på terrorgruppen Boko Haram, som kidnappar och mördar civila i Västafrika, intensifieras. Nu har USA skickat trupper för att hjälpa den kamerunska armén, ett löfte som president.

Effect/Impacts of Boko Haram in Nigeria - Research Cybe

  1. Boko Haram is essentially the fallout of frustration with corruption and the attendant social malaise of poverty and unemployment The young generation see how [the nation's resources] are squandered by a small bunch of self-serving elite which breeds animosity and frustration, and such anger is ultimately translated into violent outbursts, he said
  2. Boko Haram and COVID-19. From 17 February 2020, EU humanitarian aid to Mozambique seeks to provide a response to the humanitarian consequences of the conflict in northern Mozambique, where €7.86 million of EU funding will be directed, a statement from the European Commission details
  3. st 59 personer dödats i gruppens attacker i delstaten Borno. I helgen attackerades också en militärbas. Vad är det egentligen som händer? - Boko Haram är försvagat, det är därför självmordsattackerna ökar, säger Bornos guvernör Kashim Shettima
  4. Boko Haram, and a counter-insurgency campaign marked by human rights violations, have disrupted the entire spectrum of humanitarian activities in affected areas in the Lake Chad Basin. + OCHA, Lake Chad Basin: Crisis Overview (as of 04 May 2017)
  5. Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for the abductions. It seems unlikely that the Nigerian government will use dialogue in this case. Defence Minister Major General Bashir Salihi Magashi has already alluded to a militarised counter response, stating that the army will pursue the attackers and rescue the students without any collateral damage
  6. While the Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram gained global infamy in 2014 for kidnapping nearly 300 female students in Nigeria, the group has also abducted 10,000 boys in the last three years

The Boko Haram war after 11 years of fighting has claimed 400,000 to 50,000 lives and left Nigeria in a devastated state. The insurgency may last for another 20 years, says the army chief, which. Six Nigerians are facing prison terms of ten years to life after a federal appeals court in the United Arab Emirates upheld their convictions for funding the terrorist group Boko Haram Boko Haram aims to make northern Nigeria an Islamic state. Although it has ties to other African terrorist groups, it has few jihadist ambitions beyond Nigeria Seven years after the first Boko Haram attacks in southeastern Niger, people in the city of Diffa, dare not even speak the group's name. Residents live in a state of siege, frightened and. Two suspected members of Mamelodi's criminal vigilante group known as Boko Haram have been granted bail of R10,000 each. Mncedisi Donald Ntloko and Sibongile Mabele, both aged 37, were arrested.

Market women in the North East, under the aegis of Forum of North East Market Women (FNMW) claimed they have been thrown out of business, due to the festering activities of Boko Haram insurgents. It is exactly 10 years since the leader of Nigeria's militant Islamist group Boko Haram, Mohammed Yusuf, was killed in police custody.His death sparked a cam.. After Biya's call to employ witchcraft against Boko Haram in January 2016, I am concerned about the consequences, said Ngue Bong Simon Pierre, a lawyer in Douala

Fighting Boko Haram in Chad: Beyond Military Measures

  1. On the contrary, however, Boko Haram leaders and notorious bandits are still at large, wreaking daily havoc on Nigeria's political and economic interests. Also, the Nigerian government in 2017 declared Mr. Kanu's IPOB as a terrorist organisation, even though the U.S. Department of State and other institutions monitoring global violence, especially terrorism, have yet to establish enough.
  2. Boko Harams senaste attack kan vara terrorgruppens blodigaste någonsin. Så många som 2 000 människor befaras ha dödats i staden Baga i Nigeria när terrorgruppen gick till attack. Nu berättar överlevaren Yanaye Grema om hur han gömde sig mellan en vägg och hur han sedan fick gå över döda kroppar tills han kom till nästa by - som även den var ödelagd
  3. Gauteng police have arrested two more people believed to be part of the notorious Boko Haram vigilante group which operates in Mamelodi, east of Pretoria. This brings the number of arrests to four.
  4. Boko Haram threat casts shadow as Niger holds presidential elections Some 300 schoolboys were released earlier this month after being abducted in northwestern Nigeria in an attack claimed by Boko.
  5. The number of child bombers used by the Islamic extremists of Boko Haram has increased from four to 44 in a year with devastating consequences in communities that now see children as threats.
  6. Le chef du groupe islamiste nigérian Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, a déclaré faire allégeance au groupe terroriste État islamique, actif principalement en Irak et en Syrie, à des milliers de.
  7. Boko Haram havde oprindeligt forbindelser til al-Qaeda, i 2014 udtrykte gruppen støtte for Islamisk Stat, senere i marts 2015 lovede gruppen formelt troskab til IS og er siden blevet en del af den oprindeligt syrisk-irakiske terrororganisation, således at Boko Haram i dag er en organisation under IS. I april 2015 skiftede Boko Haram officielt navn til Islamisk Stats Vestafrikanske Provins.

Besök Expressen.se för alla de senaste nyheterna och tv-klippen om Boko Haram Here's what you need to know about Boko Haram, the Islamist group terrorizing northeast Africa's largest democracy.Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0b.. The Boko Haram jihadist group on Thursday claimed responsibility for a rocket attack earlier in the week on Nigeria's northeastern city of Maiduguri that left 16 dead and dozens injured. In a six-minute propaganda video released on Thursday, a voice claiming to be the group's leader Abubakar Shekau spoke over footage of militants firing rockets outside the city The end of Boko Haram. 923 likes · 1 talking about this. Boko Haram days are numbered Pantami threatens legal action over allegation of Boko Haram link Mr Pantami is asking the media organisation to apologise to him and publish it in five newspapers

The primary objective of this book is to understand the nature of the Boko Haram insurgency in northeast Nigeria. Boko Haram's goal of an Islamic Caliphate, starting in the Borno State in the North East that will eventually cover the areas of the former Kanem-Borno Empire, is a rejection of the modern state system forced on it by the West. The central theme of this volume examines the. There'll be consequences -Balarabe Musa. and Boko Haram.All the suspects named in the first U.S. Rewards for Justice Programme for the sub-region were accused of being the mastermind of. Nigeria on Monday said it had retaken Gamboru and four other towns held by Boko Haram following a joint weekend offensive by its military, civilian vigilantes and forces from Chad and Cameroon. Our troops are in control after operations which had the active support of volunteers (vigilantes) and our friendly neighbours, national security spokesman Mike Omeri told AFP Boko Haram has been pressed against, and pushed back, and limited. But there [is] evidence that some of those fighters are now assisting the Fulani. Or some of those guns are now making their way from Boko Haram into the hands of some of these radical Islamists among the Fulani people, Nettleton says

(DOC) The Islamic State and Boko Haram Alliance: Analyzing

  1. The Boko Haram insurgency began in 2009, when the jihadist group Boko Haram started an armed rebellion against the government of Nigeria. The conflict takes place within the context of long-standing issues of religious violence between Nigeria's Muslim and Christian communities, and the insurgents' ultimate aim is to establish an Islamic state in the region
  2. Boko Haram ist eine islamistische terroristische Gruppierung im Norden Nigerias, die auch in den Anrainerstaaten Tschad, Niger und Kamerun aktiv ist.. Boko Haram setzt sich für die Einführung der Scharia in ganz Nigeria und das Verbot westlicher Bildung ein; auch die Beteiligung an Wahlen lehnt sie ab. Boko Haram ist bekannt für die Ermordung von Christen und von Muslimen, die sie nicht.
  3. 10 Causes of Boko Haram In Nigeria - Information Guide in
  4. The Political Phenomenon Of Boko Haram In West Africa (I
(PDF) INSURGENCY, ARMED HERDSMEN AND INSTABILITY INIran says Israel, exiled group killed scientist in complexCameroun : Lutte contre Boko Haram : Amnesty International
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