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  1. In Australia, master's degrees vary from one year for a research or coursework master's following on from an Australian honours degree in a related field, with an extra six months if following on straight from an ordinary bachelor's degree and another extra six months if following on from a degree in a different field, to four years for an extended master's degree
  2. Master Level. Once you've completed one or more bachelor's degrees, you can pursue a graduate degree. Master's degrees typically take two to four years to complete. They can address specific career paths and areas of study. Master's degree abbreviations include: M.A. or A.M. - Master of Arts; M.Acc. or M.Acy. - Master of Accounting (or Accountancy
  3. MComp - Master of Computer Science or Master of Computing; MCompPhil - Master of Computer Science and Philosophy; MCompSci - Master of Computer Science; MComSC - Master of Community and Social Care; M.CMAc - Master of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture; MCreW - Master of Creative Writing; MDiv - Master of Divinity; MDes - Master of Desig
  4. The M.A. is a master's degree in one of the liberal arts awarded to students who study one or two years after earning a bachelor's degree. M.Ed. Master of Education: The master's degree awarded to a student pursuing an advanced degree in the field of education

MISS = Girl under 12 years, MSTR = Boy under 12years, INF = Under 2 years. Please advise in special request, if you have flexible date . EDIT: At one time at least, according to Wikipedia: Mstr is [...] a prefix for boys on the UK Passport Service online application form. — Wikipedi I Sverige har teknologie magisterexamen funnits sedan många år som en ettårig påbyggnad på en teknologie kandidatexamen, eller (innan Bolognaprocessens införande 2007) som en fyraårig utbildning som inte behövde innefatta kandidatexamen, och översätts till Master of Science one year The first year of a U.S. masters would have been covered in the third year of a Cambridge B.A., so a one-year M.Phil. would only have to cover the second year of the U.S. course. - Peter Taylor Jun 24 '19 at 21:5 So what are the specific benefits of one-year master's degree programs? 1. They're Employment-Friendly. If you're already a member of the workforce, taking two years off for graduate school can seem like a lengthy detour. One year, however, affords you the same opportunity for advancing your career without missing two years of working

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Answer: Yes - There are online master's degree programs in communication and its related specializations that students can complete in approximately one year of full-time study. Currently, MastersinCommunications.com lists a total of 41 such programs available from universities in the U.S 78 Degree Program Acronyms DEGREE PROGRAM ABBREVIATIONS b LIST OF ACADEMIC PROGRAMS a COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE Certificate in Building Technology -CBT Bachelor of Landscape Architecture -BLA Bachelor of Science in Architecture -BS Arch Master of Architecture -M Arch Master of Tropical Landscape Architecture -MTLA COLLEGE OF ARTS AND LETTER

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Looking for the abbreviation of Master (title of respect for a young male)? Find out what is the most common shorthand of Master (title of respect for a young male) on Abbreviations.com! The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource One Year Online Master's Degree Programs | eHow.com One Year Online Master's Degree Programs. Online education is growing quickly as technology improves and more students want to earn degrees from a distance or on a flexible.

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  1. Each year of a four-year undergraduate integrated Masters is usually weighted 0:1:2:2, with the third and fourth years being worth twice as much as the second. If you study a 1+3 PhD programme , the Masters portion will be graded as a standalone qualification, while the PhD itself will be assessed based on the thesis and your performance in the viva voce
  2. ed on a case-to-case basis and there is no formula for choosing your programme correctly, there are some main pros and cons to both types of programmes
  3. The LLM - short for Master of Laws - is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree that is usually completed in one year of full-time studies. It's different from a JD or an LLB, which are first law degrees and are generally required to practice law. Specialized LLMs can be found in tax law, business law, and other subject
  4. You'll complete one year of Masters level work followed by three years at PhD level. UK universities usually offer these 'joint' programmes as fully-funded pathways, designed to develop prospective researchers. The Masters year of a 1+3 programme is often an MRes course, taking advantage of the degree's focus on research training
  5. istration that is open to graduate students with a bachelor's in any major. The economical curriculum consists of a global business se
  6. Methodology: Ranking the Best 1 Year Master's Programs Online. To rank the Top 15 One-Year Online Master's Programs, BestMastersPrograms.org did a wide-ranging search for accredited colleges and universities offering fully online master's degrees that could be completed in as little as a year, and no more than 18 months

Post-nominal letters are the letters a person writes after his or her name to signify degrees earned from institutions of higher learning such as universities, seminaries, graduate institutions and medical schools. Intricate rules exist for notating post-nominal degrees in correspondence with respect to punctuation,. Masters Courses in the UK What is a Masters degree? A postgraduate or masters course in the UK follows the successful completion of an undergraduate degree, generally lasting for just one year compared to two-year Masters programmes found elsewhere in the world.This means international students can save time, money and begin their career much quicker with a highly regarded UK postgraduate degree A full-time MBA program for mid-career leaders eager to dedicate one year of discovery for a lifetime of impact. MIT Executive MBA This 20-month MBA program equips experienced executives to enhance their impact on their organizations and the world One-Year Mid-Career Masters:The Yale School of the Environment is not accepting applications into the One-Year Mid-Career Masters program for a Fall 2021 start. The next term of entry for this program will be Fall 2022. The master's degree programs vary in their level of prescription,.

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Those pursuing the two-year Master of Journalism end the one-year bachelor portion in April and begin the masters component in June. Explore courses. Internship. Journalism Internship JOUR0477.00 / JOUR0577.00 Winter. Admission Requirements Tuition Estimate Apply No Degree abbreviations allow persons to specify an academic degree instead of spelling out the whole degree name/title. Many degrees have more than one possible abbreviation and may vary between colleges and universities., e.g., BS, BSc, BA, BBA, and so on. There are four significant classifications of degrees available for postsecondary students: associate, bachelor's, master's, and [ You will mainly be awarded an MSc for doing a standalone masters - if you do one built into your undergraduate course, you may instead find it known as an M.Chem, M.Phys or similar. This article will focus on the MSc degree classification system, so if your course is one of these alternative abbreviations, the information will differ Award titles and abbreviations. Murdoch University is committed to delivering innovative learning experiences. We therefore regularly review our course and research offerings to ensure we are meeting the needs of students and industry, now and into the future

Is a 16 year old Mr or master? The title of 'Master' is reducing in use, and is considered archaic in some places. Options you can find include using 'Master' until the ages of 8, 13, 16, or 18, and either using 'Mr' immediately, or having a gap with no title (which is not much use for internet forms) Masters by Research programmes tend to be available to study full time for one year, or part time for two years, and are likely to end with a final research project or dissertation. At some universities, the MScR is offered as part of a four-year doctoral programme, where continuation to the PhD is subject to satisfactory performance in the MScR and the identification of a suitable topic and. Masterexamen är en svensk akademisk examen som uppnås efter fullgörande av 120 högskolepoäng (motsvarande två års heltidsstudier) på avancerad nivå.Den engelska översättningen av masterexamen är Degree of Master (Two Years).. En tvåårig masterexamen infördes i Högskoleförordningen från 1 juli 2007 som en påbyggnad på en kandidatexamen eller annan treårig examen på. The abbreviation Mr. comes from Middle English, where it was the abbreviation of maister, meaning master. Master was the original preferred title for young unmarried men, and mister was specific to those who were married, until the former fell out of use and the latter came to apply to both.. Mrs. is the abbreviation for mistress, a word that once mainly referred to the female head of a. When to Use Master. What does master mean? Master is a title for an underage male.If a person is under 18, master would be used.Once a person turns 18 and enters adulthood, mister would be used. Today, however, master is antiquated and appears only rarely.Where a title is necessary, mister is more likely to appear for both children and adults.See the example below for a possible usage

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  1. ology and abbreviations that are unique to our industry. And if you don't use the right language, you'll look like a novice in this competitive field. Learn the essential words + definitions you need to know in this free downloadable PDF fashion ter
  2. This abbreviation can be commonly found in weather forecasting as a measurement of climate temperature. It is also common to see in geometry and in higher education. You might abbreviate the word degrees to deg . in shorthand note taking for your geometry class
  3. The Master 2 is the French academic way of saying the second year of your Master's degree. According to the Bologna process, students are expected to complete 90-120 ECTS credits to obtain a Master's degree. This can take either 1 or 2 years, depending on the country, course and institution. In France, Master courses usually last two years
  4. istry courses than some of the other programs
  5. NEET - This fairly new abbreviation is used to refer to a young person who is not in education, employment or training, a state of affairs which is not that neat. OMG! - Oh my god! This very old expression of surprise or disgust has become one of the better known online abbreviations. P.S. - post scriptum

For example, the typical master's program takes about two years to complete, but you could earn the joint degree in three years versus two years for each degree. Second Master's Degree If you already have a master's degree, getting a second degree is likely to take as much time as getting your first one Master of Science (SM) Master of Engineering (ME) Computer Science SEAS: Dec 15, 2020: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Data Science SEAS: Dec 15, 2020: Master of Science (SM) Division of Medical Sciences: Dec 1, 2020: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Earth and Planetary Sciences: Jan 4, 2021: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD A master's degree is an academic degree awarded by a university or college. It usually takes two years to complete a master's program, and having a bachelor's degree is a prerequisite (most of the time). Write a master's degree on a resume in the education section. Pro Tip: List your degrees on a resume in reverse-chronological order One must be an enlisted member with several years of experience, Requires a bachelor's degree and later, as one progresses through the ranks, a master's degree for promotions. Specific commissioning programs exist Abbreviation; E-1. Airman Basic. AB. E-2. Airman. Amn. E-3. Airman First Class. A1C. E-4. Senior Airman or Sergeant. SrA. E-5 Masters Degree: master degree abbreviation master degree in interior design master degree in singapore master degree in spanish one year master degree online engineering master degree online master degree in history buy a master degree buy master degree grants for master degre

Master's degrees in International Relations are a constant in the most prestigious European and American universities, each one adapting its content to the interests of the region where they are located, although all of them share elements common to International Relations. PHBS UK-China Master of Management is a two year, a full-time and cross-border programme in which students spend the first year at our UK campus, and the second year at our Shenzhen Campus, in China. This programme is a great opportunity for students to, not only have a specialist training and cross-disciplinary coursework, but also a multi-country experience and in-depth cross-cultural exposure

Unfortunately, some people would pass through the tertiary institution without knowing the meaning of the bachelor's degree abbreviations on their certificate. That shouldn't be your fate so, kindly read through this article. A bachelor's degree is derived from the Latin 'baccalaureatus'. It is an undergraduate academic degree usually awarded by universities and colleges. This awar In this 2-year second-cycle Master's in Specialized Translation you will train as a language specialist, learning to professionally translate, revise and proofread texts and multimedia/audiovisual products in a variety of highly specialized domains, including technical, commercial and multimedia communication and the publishing industry

It enrolls over 2,000 business students each year. Program Features. You'll earn a Master of Science in Real Estate and Infrastructure at Johns Hopkins University. If you're attending full time, it will take you one year; part-time students take about two years to complete the program Master's degrees take one to three years (in Quebec they normally take one and a half to two years). Doctorates take a minimum of three years. Alone among Canadian provinces and territories, British Columbia offers two-year associate degrees, allowing credit to be transferred into a four-year bachelor's program MA - the abbreviation for Master of Arts, which can mean two different things. Often it stands for Master of Arts, a postgraduate-level qualification. It can also be an undergraduate degree studied at one of the UK's ancient universities, such as the universities of St. Andrews, Oxford, and Cambridge

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Master of Public Health - This is a one year, intensive full-time course. Within this programme a core first term of teaching is undertaken, followed by a choice a choice of 'streams'. 'Health Services and System' stream The dual degree program combines the two-year 60-hour MArch program with the one-year, 26-hour MEng. (CE&M) program, resulting in a two and half year, 71-credit-hour program. For more information about this and other Master's programs, click here. Or, for a program overview, click here

A couple of years ago I completed a course in lateral thinking. I found it very thought provoking and useful. Recently that site has advertised a Masters and a Doctorate in Lateral Thinking. It's an on-line free training. It's a lot of work, probably similar to the amount required in a university-level Masters The Master in Financial Crime Prevention is a 2-year master's program conducted in English, which addresses the increasing demand for experienced specialists in the entire shared services industry, which currently amounts up to 350 000 job positions, in Warsaw alone that number is 60 000 and still rising

In India, training in dentistry is through a 5 -year BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) course, which includes 4 years of study followed by one year of internship. As of 2019, there were 310 colleges (40 run by the government and 292 in the private sector) offering dental education. This amounts to an annual intake of 33500 graduates Master of Music The Master of Music is the first graduate degree in Music awarded by universities and music conservatories. The M.Mus. combines advanced studies in an applied area of specialization with graduate-level academic study in subjects such as music history, music theory, or music pedagogy Boston University is the oldest degree-granting music program in the United States, offering an online Master of Music in Music Education and the Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education An associate's degree typically takes two years to complete; whereas, a bachelor's degree requires a four-year program (or the equivalent class credits). One may transfer from an associate's program to a bachelor's program, provided that credits transfer across the programs Abbreviation definition, a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, used to represent the whole, as Dr. for Doctor,U.S. for United States,lb. for pound. See more

Doctor of Medicine (abbreviated M.D., from the Latin Medicinae Doctor) is a medical degree, the meaning of which varies between different jurisdictions.In the United States, and some other countries, the M.D. denotes a professional graduate degree.This generally arose because many in 18th-century medical professions trained in Scotland, which used the M.D. degree nomenclature Study the Master of Public Health (MPH) at UNSW Sydney in Australia which provides preparation for education, research and service in all aspects of public health. This postgraduate masters degree can be taken fully online by distance mode or face-to-face by attending classes on campus I've taught language learners of all levels and goals for 5+ years and worked as an ESL curricula writer at a business English start-up. During and following my undergraduate degree at Yale University, I worked as a private one-on-one tutor, both at Yale itself, and with students at Stanford University programs.Having lived in France and China, I know how hard it can be to master a new. This one-year program concentration was designed to develop expertise and experience in human gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, embryology, histology, pathology and laboratory medicine. This curriculum promotes the broad intellectual focus required for future professional students in the anatomical sciences or other health-care related professions Abbreviations.com holds hundreds of thousands of entries organized by a large variety of categories from computing and the Web to governmental, medicine and business and it is maintained and expanded by a large community of passionate editors. Read more about our awards and press coverage

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Details regarding the Masters thesis are below: Length: 24 units, to be completed in the final semester of the Master of Finance; Eligibility: To be eligible to apply, students must have 48 units remaining in the Master of Finance program, and must have achieved a GPA of at least 6.5 across prior coursework within the Master of Finance MBA vs. Master of Finance: An Overview . Those looking to get into a career in finance often are encouraged to continue their studies by earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA). An MBA. The Master of Philosophy is a one-year research-based degree in which candidates undertake a programme of supervised research which critically investigates a topic of substance and significance. Pathways Programmes. Foundation Certificate; Waikato pathways programmes put tertiary study within your reach A Master in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry creates a vital link between Environmental Toxicology and Environmental Chemistry. The main focus of the Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Masters is the fate and effects of pollutants, and how they become distributed and behave in the environment (including air, water, soil) and how they interact with organisms, both on a local and.

Business degree abbreviations can vary from school to school, but most educational institutions use a standard format. However, there are so many types of business degrees available—especially when it comes to graduate options—that it can be confusing what all the abbreviations stand for, especially when some are so similar (such as the EMS for Executive Master of Science and EMSM for. Master of Mechanical Engineering (MSME) Ranked number one online mechanical engineering graduate programs by U.S. News & World Report, Specializations available through courses in acoustics, noise control, biomechanics, combustion, design, fluid mechanics and propulsion, heat transfer, HVAC, mechanics, vibration, and nanotechnology Join our 1-year Master of Business Administration degree in Lausanne, Switzerland. LEADERSHIP Become a leader equipped to play a role in shaping our Come and take a look at the campus if you are in the area, join as us at one the worldwide events taking place this year, or take part in our monthly virtual visit from the comfort of your home

The Master of Human Resource Management is delivered by a highly qualified, award-winning teaching faculty, willing to leverage their strong relationships with state and federal government for the benefit of your student experience; supported by the Professor of Employment Studies Different abbreviations can refer to the same thing. E.g. L2 and TL: the language being learnt. Abbreviations are often made up on the spot to fill an immediate need. Most of the few hundred abbreviations are only found in local jurisdictions. E.g. TPI (Illinois) for ESL, AMTESOL (Alabama-Mississippi), JALT (Japanese Association of Language. Etymology and abbreviations. In the United States, the professional doctorate in law may be conferred in Latin or in English as Juris Doctor (sometimes shown on Latin diplomas in the accusative form Juris Doctorem) and at some law schools Doctor of Law (J.D. or JD), or Doctor of Jurisprudence (also abbreviated JD or J.D.). Juris Doctor literally means teacher of law, while the Latin for. To refer to an individual who spent just one year at Gordon or Barrington, follow the name with an abbreviation of that academic year, and precede it with a lowercase x. On this web page, the apostrophe before the class year appears as a straight quote, but for other media type an apostrophe that is a smart quote —a curved single closing quotation mark that points to the left Follow the abbreviation with a comma if there are additional degrees to list. List master's degree; Next, add the initials for the type of master's degree. These may include M.B.A. for Master of Business Administration, M.S. for Master of Science or M.A. for Master of Arts. If a doctoral degree follows, add a comma after this abbreviation

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Level 7 postgraduate qualification. Takes one to two years' full time or two to four years' part time. Taught or research courses available. Require more advanced independent study than an undergraduate degree. Postgraduate loans up to £11,222 can help with the cost. A Masters degree is a level. Using abbreviations and acronyms. Published on August 1, 2015 by Sarah Vinz. Revised on February 19, 2020. An abbreviation is a short form of a word or phrase that is usually made by deleting certain letters

Acronyms and Abbreviations. The Acronyms section of this website is powered by the Acronym Finder, the web's most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms.. The Acronym Finder allows users to decipher acronyms from a database of over 1,000,000 entries covering computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military Browse and search thousands of Accounting Abbreviations and acronyms in our comprehensive reference resource

Most popular dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations. All Acronyms helps to find acronym or abbreviation meaning as well as best ways to abbreviate any word Hult offers award-winning Masters degree programs for the global generation including one-year Masters degrees in International Business, International Marke.. Master's programmes leaflet. As Stockholm University is an excellent place to start your future, take a look at the new Master's programmes leaflet. The leaflet is a quick guide to Stockholm University, a small collection of facts and information that we believe can be useful when you plan to study with us 10 Tips for Using Abbreviations Correctly . Using Indefinite Articles Before Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Initialisms: The choice between a and an is determined by the sound of the first letter in the abbreviation.Use a before a consonant sound (for example, a CBC documentary or a U.S. official). Use an before a vowel sound (an ABC documentary or an MRI)

A master's in accounting degree program often takes one to two years of intensive study as a full-time student or longer as a part-time student. Master of accounting degree programs typically focus on advanced level accounting topics, methods, and theory and generally include accounting, tax, and auditing courses as well as business electives and financial analysis courses A Master Sergeant receives an automatic raise to their basic pay every one to two years. Basic pay is only a small percentage of a Master Sergeant's final compensation package. In addition to a monthly basic pay salary, a Army Master Sergeant may be eligible for multiple types of allowances and bonus pay including clothing allowance, hostile fire pay, and more A Master Sergeant receives an automatic raise to their basic pay every one to two years. Basic pay is only a small percentage of a Master Sergeant's final compensation package. In addition to a monthly basic pay salary, a Air Force Master Sergeant may be eligible for multiple types of allowances and bonus pay including food allowance, personal money allowance, and more The Masters in Human Nutrition is comprised of 33 credits and is completed in one year, including ten weeks of full-time thesis research work (350 hours or more) in the summer. MS students must complete all required courses and electives with a grade average of B- or better, participate in at least one research project, and complete a written master's thesis summarizing project results This is typically equivalent to 1/8 of a full year load or one unit of study undertaken in the second or third year of an undergraduate science degree (e.g. AGEN2002, AGEN3004, FOOD2000 and FOOD3001)

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Some Master's degree programs are designed to be completed in one year as an accelerated program, while others may take two or three years to complete. Program length depends on how many courses are taken at a time and whether the learner is working full-time or part-time 9 ways to abbreviate Contract. How to abbreviate Contract? Get the most popular abbreviation for Contract updated in 202 The cost of earning a master's degree in accounting depends on various factors, including the school's prestige, whether the school is public or private, whether students pay in-state or out-of-state tuition, and whether the degree is online. Tuition at a quality one-year accounting master's program starts at around $30,000 Abbreviations are used to make writing and communicating easier by shortening the form of a word or phrase. Acronyms, which are related, use the first letter in each word of a phrase as a stand-in to shorten the phrase. They are useful,..

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With so many types of nursing degrees available, it's important to understand how each program works so you can find the one that's right for you.Whether you're a recent high school graduate, experienced professional, or career changer, making the right decision means considering each option against your goals, financial resources, and lifestyle Colorado State University's online master's degrees help you develop the depth and breadth of knowledge you need to reach your goals, with the flexibility to help maintain your work-life balance. Note: Some programs hold in-person sessions and are noted below One Year Professional Master Degree in Food Science: Applicants for the Masters degree with a B.S. degree in a field other than Food Science may qualify for the 1-Year non-thesis professional Masters degree. Please note that students in this program do not qualify for graduate teaching and researc

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- Use only numerals in the sequence YYMMDD, where YY represents the year, MM the month, and DD the day. For example, 12 March 1940 should be shown as 400312. Abbreviations - Use authorized abbreviations and approved acronyms as much as possible. Accuracy - Enter only correct, verifiable data Admission to candidature for the Master of Economics (1.5 years full-time) requires: a bachelor's degree with from the University of Sydney, with a major in Economics and with a minimum credit (65%), or an equivalent qualification; o The two-year Master in Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard Kennedy School is that vital next step. Tailored to You. The MPA curriculum is flexible. You create a study plan that reflects your academic interests, focuses on your personal and professional aspirations, and integrates across disciplines HEC Paris is once again the best institution in the world for master's in management degrees, while there's only one new entrant in this year's top 10. Copenhagen Business School has climbed six places to joint ninth, a rank it shares with ESCP Europe Business School.. The Danish business school has improved its score for diversity since last year's ranking

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For candidates for the Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, a reduction in the volume of learning of up to 12 credit points may be awarded if they hold both a cognate degree and have relevant professional work experience of at least two years in duration Our Product Owner, Diane Leonard, was so pleased to reunite with Avi Schneier, the co-creator of the Scrum Master for Nonprofits course, for our one-year ann.. Harvard Medical School's Master of Bioethics degree program—offered in one-year, full-time or two-year, part-time options—provides students with rigorous academic grounding in bioethical issues related to clinical practice and research, as well as health law and policy

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1. Solicit two letters of recommendation from active members of SHM who have been in good standing for at least two years.* 2. Submit a one-time processing fee of $150 for Fellows and $175 for Senior Fellows 1 year, 36 credits, full-time program Summer & Fall 2021, J-term 2022 at NYU Shanghai Spring 2022 at NYU Stern New York University Master of Science degre Acquire the skills you need to advance your marketing career in 1-2 years. The USC Marshall Master of Science in Marketing Program (ranked 6th in the nation by TFE Times) is designed to develop an in-depth knowledge of relevant and innovative marketing skills and techniques for prospective students interested in pursuing or enhancing their existing marketing careers

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In the Israel Defense Forces, soldiers are promoted from sergeant to staff sergeant (samál rishón) after 28 months of service for combat soldiers, and 32 months of service for non-combat soldiers, if they performed their duties appropriately during this time.Soldiers who take a commander's course may become staff sergeants earlier (usually after 24 months of service, or one year from. Observes MST - Mountain Standard Time part of the year, but not currently. Currently has same time zone offset as MST (UTC -7) but different time zone name. Mountain Standard Time (MST) is 7 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) Looking for the abbreviation of Certificate? Find out what is the most common shorthand of Certificate on Abbreviations.com! The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource Wondering what else you can do with a Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.) besides teach? While teaching may be the obvious career path for those considering an M.Ed., there are actually a number of non-teaching careers where an M.Ed. is extremely beneficial, if not required.Plus, with a Master of Education degree, you're likely to see a nice salary spike of about 5 to 10 percent

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