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A crowd chants to En Sabah Nur, who is using telekinesis to build pyramids as four horsemen keep watch nearby.X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)Video content. Apocalypse was raised by nomads who named him En Sabah Nur, The first one. He is supposed to be the very first mutant, has complete molecular control of his body, and believes in the survival of the fittest. He discovered some celestial technology and took on the role of Apocalypse ensuring the evolution of Earth's species

Apocalypse is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is one of the world's first mutants, and was originally a principal villain for the original X-Factor team and now for the X-Men and related spinoff teams. Created by writer Louise Simonson and artist Jackson Guice, Apocalypse first appeared in X-Factor #5. Apocalypse is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. Since his introduction, the character has appeared in a number. But by the 1800s, En Sabah Nur used his telepathy to contact Nathaniel Essex whom he gave the means to extend his own life in return for his release. Once freed, now known as Apocalypse, En Sabah Nur became disillusioned with the modern world and since made attempts to cleanse humanity and create a new world order. Powers and Stat Thanos: Thanos's greatest villain is probably his own bullshit self-regard. Every time this cat gained omniscience, he was defeated because he assumed his foes would leave his body alone HOW TO WIN A $50 AMAZON GIFTCARD1. Subscribe to this channel2. Like DanCo on Facebook3. Follow @officialdanco1 on TwitterThe greatest Avengers villain going. Toh aaj ki SUPERBATTLE hone wali hai... Thanos aur Apocalypse ke beach.... Lekin subse phale origin... Toh Thanos ek pagal Titan hai... Jiski Umar lagbhag 1000 saal hai... Lekin ek din Titan Yani.

HERE WE GOOOOO!!! Apocalypse and Thanos charge at each other and Thanos hits Apocalypse in the face two times,stomach once, and then he roundhouse kicks Apocalypse in the face and uses power stone to send him away,Thanos then flies at Apocalypse but Apocalypse hits him in stomach.* Then before his opponent could react Apocalypse morphed his arm into a dill and thrust it into the back of the throne seriously damaging it! Realising what was happening Thanos teleported away from En Sabah Nur and fired a massive blast of energy at him! In response, to this, the mutant morphed his arm into a shield and used it to block the attack En Sabah Nur, better known as Apocalypse, is one of the main antagonists of Marvel Comics, most commonly serving as an enemy of the X-Men.He is one of the oldest mutants who has become one of the X-Men's greatest foes since his first arrival, championing an extreme philosophy of mutant supremacy and survival of the fittest; to Apocalypse, only the strong deserve to survive and anyone that. Mar 6, 2021 - Explore zel nevette's board EN SABAH NUR, followed by 347 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about apocalypse marvel, marvel comics, marvel villains Apocalypse vs Darkseid #. Darkseid Buddy heres the thing Darkseid has 8 different forms each more powerful than the last meaning he would have to kill all 8 forms to beat Darkseid the only guy who has came close to that is Zeus who killed 6 of them the same Zeus that layed Apocalypse on his ass. Breaker 1 y 8 mo 12 d

Thanos Thanos Earth-616: 2 M: Apocalypse En Sabah Nur Earth-616: 635 K: team class: 2.6 M: Battle options. Change members. Create variation 0. Info. You need to be logged in to post comments.. Comments. No comments in the last 24 month. Voting feed. Thanos & Apocalypse win! Darkseid & Doomsday win Thanos further possesses incredible strenght and is a master strategist. His feats are renowned throughout the galaxy while Apocalypse remains only a local player. Apocalypse is only qualified to be Thanos' cupbearer, nothing more. As to Thanos' fight value in Legendary... I'm thinking more along the lines of 14-16 fight

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Apr 12, 2018 - Explore Marc Flowers's board En Sabah Nur on Pinterest. See more ideas about apocalypse marvel, apocalypse, marvel villains Sorry to all the Superman fanboys out there, but En Sabah Nur takes this in a one on one confrontation. Some of Apocalypse feats are Super human strength (enough to easily tame the Hulk. Thanos vs. Apocalypse: Who Would Win In A Fight? Apocalypse and Thanos are two of the strongest villains in the Marvel Universe. Born in ancient Egypt as En Sabah Nur, Apocalypse is believed to be the world's first mutant and is definitely one of its most powerful Summary. Apocalypse (born En Sabah Nur) is an immensely powerful and ancient mutant.He is believed to be the very first mutant, having lived for several millennia. Born prior to 3600 BC (claiming to have been worshiped by several ancient civilizations over his many lives, being called Ra, Krishna, Shen, and Yahweh / Elohim, among other names), as he rules the world in Akkaba of ancient Egypt.

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Apocalypse. Thanos. Created by MisterB. 30 wins (73.2%) 0 (0%) 11 wins (26.8%) Apocalypse En Sabah Nur EMCU. 4.4K. power stats Thanos walks over him. Apocalypse: En Sabah Nur was born in Egypt 5000 years ago and is considered to be the first human born with the mutant X-gene (though that is But he has never displayed anywhere near the cosmic-level durability or offensive power that would be required to even start to compete with Thanos Honestly, since we don't really know the full capabilities of either side, I'd go with Justice League, let's go member by member with the villains FOUR HORSEMEN: ANGEL: Could easily get taken down by Superman and Cyborg, who both have armor/high d.. [QUOTE=Michael Watkins;3730137]I'd settle for En Sabah Nur and Thanos simply having a chat. they have some stuff in common ex. being deformed from birth. they also share a tendency to form armies after separating the strong from the weak.[/QUOTE] Most of what Thanos ever does really hasn't much to do with strong or weak

Poll MCU Thanos vs FOX Apocalypse (94 votes) Thanos 51% . Apocalypse 49 En Sabah Nur. 2 years ago. deactivated-5d2cf537b4a1c. Follow 3506. Forum Posts. 0. Wiki. They're both major characters in certain events, they're both being portrayed by the same man, and they've both fought Deadpool. Would anyone read a Thanos vs Cable story by Marvel Technically speaking Thanos wouldn't have to think to beat the crap out of Apoclaypse as in an actual fight he'd get his ass handed to him Apocalypse just isn't in his tier. Now that being said what a lot of people seem to actually forget a bit li..

Apocalypse vs. the Darkseid and Thanos School of Cosmic Villainy So En Sabah Nur, completely frustrated that, despite a backstory that spans space and time thanks to the Celestials and Rama-Tut and a powerset that enables him to battle several teams at once, and yet he still can't seem to shake off his jobber status on Rumbles, decides to go back to school Mar 6, 2021 - Explore zel nevette's board EN SABAH NUR, followed by 347 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about apocalypse marvel, marvel comics, marvel villains. EN SABAH NUR

All MCU. Let's just say that Apocalypse killed all the X-Men cast during the last battle since Sansa Stark Jean Grey got killed off early on. The whole united MCU cast of The Avengers show up. Apocalypse is fully healed. Battleground is at the same location where he would have been killed by Jean Grey. Apocalypse VS Thor (worthy), Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Iron Man (whichever suit is best. In the recent X of Swords crossover, he showed that he was willing to fight his long lost wife to the death, and his willpower was able to crush that of the ancient god Annihilation. In a fight against Thanos, it is likely Apocalypse would use all of his might and drive and ultimately show he is the strongest Essex begins conducting human experiments and later allies himself with the resurrected En Sabah Nur (aka, Apocalypse), the ancient villain believed to be the first mutant in existence

So, do you think that the version of En Sabah Nur (AKA Apocalypse) depicted in Fox's X-Men: Apocalypse can defeat or at least put up a fight with the version of Thanos depicted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Obviously, we don't yet know exactly how powerful the latter is since Infinity War has yet to be released, but we can speculate based on what we expect By this point everyone know who Thanos is, but those who don't should know he is a madman who believes in conquering the universe and eliminating half of all life using the Infinity Stones. While she fought alongside the Avengers to defeat him several times in the comics, the more recent revelation of her power in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame prove that she had the power to overcome Thanos each time

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Saiyan Scott Vs Denoseidal (Demigra, Thanos, Darkseid, Hidan, And Galvatron Fusion), Direnelur (Tirek, Aizen, Darth Vader, Bill Cipher, And En Sabah Nur Fusion. Apocalipsis (En Sabah Nur) crea las Pirámides de Egipto [1080p] HD - Duration: 1:04. Sony Ultimate Exception 78,652 view En Sabah Nur mejor conocido como Apocalipsis es un personaje de ficción que aparece en los cómics publicados por Marvel Comics. Él es uno de los primeros mutantes del mundo, al comienzo era el villano principal del equipo X-Factor original, luego se convirtió en el enemigo de los X-Men y los equipos relacionados con este en sus spin-offs. Creado por la escritora Louise Simonson y el artista Jackson Guice, Apocalipsis apareció por primera vez en X-Factor #5 publicado en 1986. Desde su. When En Sabah Nur was an adult, he was captured with his nomadic clan and forced into slave labor under the Grand Vizier Ozymandias. He quickly became a rebel and was even killed by agents of Ozymandias, only to be revived soon after due to his mutant powers

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  1. Oct 7, 2018 - Explore Bogdan Apetrii's board Apocalypse / En Sabah Nur, followed by 1278 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about apocalypse, marvel comics, marvel
  2. Thanos Aparece En Los Restos De Mercurio Muy Mal Herido Thanos Se Cura Rapidamente Y Va Hacia Apocalypse Beyonder-THANOS VS APOCALYPSE GANADOR EL PODEROSO EH SABAH NUR
  3. Marvel Comics: Apocalypse vs Thanos. iguanaglato. Follow. 3 years ago | 16 views. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 9:48. Aidan and Chris REACT Apocalypse vs Thanos Comics Explained.
  4. En'Sabah'Nur, Tyler, heck any incarnation of Apoc wins this, only 616 villains of Earth I think could really beat Apocalypse with ease are Onslaught and Charnel 12 years ago Lunacyd
  5. En Sabah Nur is immortal, so there's no permanently killing him. But yes, in theory, Thanos can take down these three. Too much power and diversity, and too much low blowing of Apoc for him to be.

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  1. For Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Thanos Vs Apocalypse - Page 2
  2. I AM THE APOCALYPSE!Apocalypse Apocalypse, real name En Sabah Nur, is a character from the X-Men series by Marvel. He is an ancient mutant, turned cyborg, who can manipulate his own molecular structure to augment his abilities Apocalypse is the final boss of X-Men vs. Street Fighter and the penultimate boss of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. 1 Profile 1.1 Abilities 2 Gameplay 2.1.

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  1. Apocolypse vs. Thanos. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. it pain me to say this Thanos could beat En Sabah Nur without his Glove thingie.....but just bearly heh heh heh. kgkg. Originally posted by Mainstrea
  2. Secondo Wolverine, la sua forza al massimo è inferiore di poco a quella di Thanos (quando è senza guanto dell'infinito). Innanzitutto Apocalisse dispone di forza, resistenza, velocità, agilità e riflessi sovrumani: la sua forza è paragonabile a quella di Hulk e Thor e lo si è visto resistere anche ai raggi di Ciclope e agli artigli di Wolverine . È persino immune alla morte naturale
  3. The power to manipulate matter. Sub-power of Telekinesis. Opposite to Antimatter Manipulation and Immaterial Manipulation. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Variations 5 Associations 6 Limitations 7 Known Users 8 Known Objects 9 Gallery Materia Manipulation Matter Alteration/Control Materiokinesis The user can shape and manipulate matter, i.e. anything in the universe that has.
  4. g Entombed 1.4 Original Timeline 1.4.1 Remaining.
  5. 7 nov. 2019 - Explorez le tableau « EN SABAH NUR » de kyubi no kitsune, auquel 6496 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème uncanny x-men, sentry marvel, x men

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  1. g and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Nowadays Narayan writes about films, TV shows, comic books and video games, or about anything related to The Witcher. If Tony Stark.
  2. Collects Thanos Imperative #1-6, Ignition, & Devastation one-shots. Dark forces of a rival universe where there is no death are pouring through to claim ours! Nova, the Silver Surfer, and more of the greatest cosmic champions line up to stop them, but it could be more than even they can handle
  3. Infinity # 6 Recap - Captain Marvel, Thor, Hyperion, Hulk and Captain America vs Thanos, Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight - The Fanboy SEO Here's the massive fight between the Avengers' heavy hitters like Captain Marvel, Thor and the Hulk against Thanos and his children in Infinity #
  4. Apocalypse en sabah nur is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by marvel comics. Sorry for the sony vegas watermark. Directed by bryan singer the film is set in 1983 dealing with en sabah nur an ancient egyptian mutant who awakens from millennia of slumber to take over the world and wrest control of the planet from humans

417 Downloads15 Likes5.0 / 5 stars (3 votes) This time I bring you the En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse) model from Marvel Future Fight, I have changed a few small things in the colors that caused me discomfort regarding the design of the character, it is not very important, the truth is, I hope you enjoy it. This time I bring you the En Sabah Nur. Apocalypse vs. Thanos. To the naked eye this looks like a good fight I missed the age of Apocalypse but was there in X-factor when he arrived on the scene. I don't know as much about his offensive powers as many so everyone chime in. I've seen him stand shoulder to shoulder with the High Evolutionary

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En Sabah Nur, alias Apocalypse est un super-vilain évoluant dans l'univers Marvel de la maison d'édition Marvel Comics.Créé par la scénariste Louise Simonson et le dessinateur Jackson Guice, le personnage de fiction apparaît pour la première fois dans le comic book X-Factor #5 en juin 198 Thanos has sent all of Marvels heroes and villains into a pocket dimension now he wishes to conquer earth, only one person can stop him. Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) and the battle of marvels 2 biggest villeins begin. Rules. Both in character. Fight takes place on earth. Thanos does not have infinity gauntlet. win by death or incap The mad Titan and En Sabah Nur Vs. The Nuul. Thanos benches Apoc, tells him to let the real powers of the universe go at work and for him to play with the X-men again. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links Telepathy: En Sabah Nur can shield minds from telepathy, detect psychic communications, and seemingly control a telepath through an active telepathic signal. His mind is more powerful than even a high level telepath like Xavier but he lacks his full range of ability. Telekinesis: En Sabah Nur is able to move and levitate anything with his mind Thanos. The alien known as Instead, he was discovered by a band of warriors who recognized the boy as En Sabah Nur - the first, immortal mutant. Over the years, Apocalypse would take a new name, and reveal more mutant powers than nearly another other Marvel character. Able to reshape his body, strength,.

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En Sabah Nur refused to leave and the Medjai soon attacked, landing a killing blow to Su-Namun. As she lay dying, Nur was told by his lover that only he could resurrect her, being told this, the High Priest, his children and what remained of his loyal followers escaped the residence, leaving Anck-Su-Namun behind. Reviving Lov The X-Men vs Thanos. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. icon5 He's on a quest to find En Sabah Nur again no ~wickerman~ stormfront13. c-master r u serious? Alpha Centauri. Unless Jean becomes Phoenix? Thanos will still win.-AC Apocalypse arrived and the ceremony which is anticipated by his faithful cult known as Ashir En Sabah Nur, began with the horsemen protecting him but, mercenaries from outside alongside defecting cult members destroyed the pyramids and three of the horsemen were killed leaving only one to protect Apocalypse

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He said that because at that moment he realized that Jean's apocalyptic vision was not about him but about her. Jean is the primary host of the Phoenix Force, a benevolent very powerful cosmic entity which can potentially be corrupted and turn int.. Jean Grey is known one of the strongest and most powerful mutants in the universe. As she hosts the Phoenix force, she has ability to generate cosmic flames, fire that can be generated even in seemingly impossible situations like under the water.A.. Both are badasses, but Thanos looked amazing on screen. Apocalypse, not so much. Was it a budget issue, studio issue (Marvel vs Sony), or just a different vision issu

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Summary. Clint Barton's adopted the Maximoff twins. He takes them home and they lead as much of a normal life as they can, until one day Wanda has very magnetic customer at the cafe she works at. Erik Lehnsherr is keeping a low profile in a small town, and finds himself entangled with the Barton family Now we know who was chanting En Sabah Nur! in that X-Men: Days of Future Past post-credits scene. On potential Fantastic 4, Gambit, Deadpool, X-Men crossovers: One of the things that Marvel has shown us, and they have showed us a lot of things in regards to their model of making movies, is that the individual characters have to have great films Marvel's X-Men are constantly fighting to protect humanity despite humankind wanting to destroy mutants for being different. Not all mutants are so benevolent. One of the oldest living mutants is En Sabah Nur, better known to the world as Apocalypse, a megalomaniacal mass murderer committed to reshaping the world in his own image.. RELATED: 5 Reasons Age Of Apocalypse Is The Best X-Men Story. Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) | Marvel-Microheroes Wiki | Fandom Sign up. Watch fullscree

The Mayor, however, only offered the White Rabbit $2.50, which caused her to raise the ransom to five billion dollars, but Spider-Man, under the alias of the Bombastic Bag-Man, infiltrated the White Rabbit's hideout and battled her giant robot. She was then knocked out by Grizzly Thanos often has an advantage over the God of Thunder because he'll do just about anything to win. Thor has rarely been able to defeat Thanos on his own but that's never stopped him from trying. For his part, Thanos isn't scared of Thor but he'd rather not have to face him; he may be able to defeat the God of Thunder most of the time but it's never easy 1778 x 2469 jpeg 1117kB, CAV: Thanos (Apex_Predator) VS Odin (AsgardianBrony) OPEN 1001 x 1454 jpeg 143kB, 2018 Marvel Legends X-Men Apocalypse Series Lineup 1280 x 1987 jpeg 625kB, The Incredible Hulk vs. Wolverine (World War Hulk) 1910 x 2043 png 3425kB, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Set Photos Seemingly. lol Thanos is way more powerful Thanos is way more intelligent Thanos has accomplished way more Thanos is a way better character Apocalypse is just more well known due to all the X-Men cartoons and games. He tends to job in comics very often. Seriously, Thanos would own Apocalypse. However, I agree that his classic outfit looks horrible though Erik Lehnsherr, also known as Magneto, is a fictional character in the X-Men film series, starting with X-Men and appearing in eight films ending with X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The 2000 film is also accompanied with two prequel comic books, of which one is about Magneto. In the first three films, he was portrayed by actor Ian McKellen and in the four prequel films by Michael Fassbender, starting with X-Men: First Class. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, both Fassbender and McKellen appear.

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@olorun: Monica never ever tried anything mental on Thanos. Monica only tried to fry his brain with Electricity. But before Monica could do it, Thanos expelled her from his brain Thanos vs Apocalypse [H2H] Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. KMC Forums > Comic Book Forums > Comic Book 'Versus' Forum > Thanos vs Apocalypse [H2H] Mr. Slippyfist. Not spite first off Ronan the Accuser is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.Ronan was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby and he first appeared in Fantastic Four #65 (August 1967). He is the Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire, the militaristic government of the fictional alien race known as the Kree, and is commonly depicted as an adversary of superhero. Thanos with his endgame gear vs apocalypse right before he fights the xmen at the end of the movie. Battle takes place in a grass plane on earth. In character but hate each other no one knows why. Bonus round: same thanos with his black order proxima,Corvus,cull obsidian and ebony maw vs movie apocalypse and his four horsemen of the apocalypse.

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